Tryzna - Against Dispassion CD


In XIII c. Europe, it was common for artist biographies to be neglected by their contemporaries. One ought to remember that throughout the Middle Ages, Europe was sunk in religious zeal. Such approach resulted in negation of the corporeal and disapproval of fame, hence anonymity of music composers. There are however certain aspects of Jacques’ work that stand out. First of all, his poetry was transcribed in vernacular French, not Latin, so it retained the original melody and rhythms. Jacques’ themes revolve around courting and love, which could have been perceived as vulgar, in any case, far from standard pious creations of the period. Also, his melodies are inconsistent.

1. Contre la froidor 5:09

2. Li tans deste 3:21

3. Quant la seson est passe 3:21

4. Li nouviaus tens 4:22

5. Quant la saisons del douz 4:14

6. La quinte estampie real 4:05

7. Quant recomence 4:19

8. Nouvele amors 5:18