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About the Exhibition

Partner Institution:
Our exhibition of Medieval instrument replicas is the only one of its kind in Europe. Still, the collection of over 50 instruments is merely the beginning of what the musical practice of the period had to offer. As for the instruments presented, all of the original instruments were archeologically excavated, which allowed us to reconstruct these objects, giving the utmost attention to detail in terms of size, wood type and playability.  The replicated objects are thus unique. Still, presentation of instrument reconstructions is not our only goal. More importantly,  present authentic copies from a different historical period, so that the visitors can see the true craftsmanship and aesthetics of people from another era. Every presented instrument was given a context of original finding, iconography, description and dating as well as details regarding its playing technique and design. The advantage of referring the instrument to its original historical source allows the visitors to compare the replica to the original in its many different interpretations.
Exhibition and more...
This exhibition is one of few that gives focus not only to historical replicas of instruments, but to everything that surrounds Medieval music, in particular the people that performed it.  For this reason, the exhibition includes full sets of musicians’ outfits from different historical periods as well as part of instrument maker’s workshop with authentic replicas of tools. In the workshop, one can find half finished instruments alongside production kits and resources that were used in instrument making. This gives the spectators a unique chance to see the anatomy of Medieval instruments, how they were built and designed up prior to the final instrument – a real mastery of the Middle Age craftsmanship - is presented.